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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

CrossFit Greenlyn Celebrate our 3rd Birthday!

On Saturday morning the 16th January 2016 CrossFit Greenlyn celebrated their 3rd birthday and Affiliation Fundraiser with a team event consisting of 2 male and 1 female or 2 female and 1 male per team. A total of 9 full teams took part, and 1 team of 2 males.

Athlete teams that participated:

Niki G
Pieter E
Jeanri B
Jurian B
Albert VG
Christine P
Emily B
Andreas N
Taryn N
Piet B
Jan G
Pieter V
Yvonne B
Lara H
Henrico VNK
Pierre T
Douglas D
Sanlie VDW
Nicholas K
Darius B
Tobias T
Robert N
Karen N
Wynand B
Abrie M
Ian DJ

The goal for the event was to celebrate our 3rd Year! And to make it a good cause by helping us raise funds to renew our CrossFit affiliation for a 4th year.
(The drastic Rand to Dollar drop going into 2016 couldn't have come with a better timing!)




The competition consisted of 3 events with 3 workouts, team member was required to complete one of the workouts of each event. The workouts were challenging but the athletes showed they were ready to take them head on.

We saw a lot of awesome team work and things got very emotional as team mates and competitors cheered each other on.


We also had a surprise visit from familiar faces to support this week from our old Greenlyn family member Wynand Botes who was in the country from the UK.

At the end of the morning after some close call and tight competition were able to crown the well deserved winners of the day. Yet anyone who spectated or was there to witnessing all the teams in action will agree with me that each and every participant was a winner and they pushed themselves past their limits.

Final Results of the Day:
1st: "The Beasts" Lara H, Henrico VK & Pierre (11 points 2+1+3+5)

2nd: Our very own " A Team" JP, Niki G & Pieter E (12 points 1+3+6+2)

3rd: "The Super Siblings" Albert VG, Jeanri B & Jurian B (16 points 8+6+1+1)

4th: "Dr Ruths Crew" Jan G, Pieter V & Yvonne B (18 points 2+5+5+6)
5th: My personal Favorite Robert N, Karen N & Wynand B (19 points 7+4+4+4)

Some Big "Thank You's" for making our 3 Year Birthday Bash such a success!

Successful event organizing and safety:
Coach Gian Smit, Coach Niki Groenewald and Almien Smit

Awesome photos:
Niki Groenewald
Denis Andrews
Leah Kyriazis


Pieter Eramus
Rikus Smit
Jurian Bezuidenhout
Nicholas Gray
Yvonne Burger
Emily Burger
Sanlie Van Der Walt
Tobias Tschappe
Klarisa Richardson
Tanja Nel
Abrie Van Der Merwe
Katinka Clark
Douglas Dennis
Henrico Van Niekerk
Piet Bezuidenhout
Taryn Nel
Herman Strauss
Lara Heilgendorff
Pierre Truter
Karen Nel
Robert Nel
JP Liebenberg
Albert Van Graan
Taryn Nel
Christine Papavarnavas
Jan Grobbelaar
Pieter Viljoen
Anthony Gaskell
Gregory Nikitas
Nicholas Korkou
Andreas Nadiotis
Niki Groenewald
Stewart Leith
Marius Fischer
Wynand Bothes
*And all the anyonymous donation

Closing off, with just another big thank you everyone. We were able to pay our affiliation fee and will be going into our 4th year as CrossFit Greenlyn. 2016 is looking to be a great year with a lot of necessary changes for the better. I am very greatfull and blessed to have such a supportive and amazing family that make every day worth it! Greenlyn wouldn't be the same without everyone of you! -Andreas Nadiotis